Saturday, October 17, 2015

I Jumped Out Of A Working Plane: My Skydiving Recap

So skydiving, yes I did it and it was amazing. This skydiving adventure started with about 8-10 people ended up just being two people. So we arrive at the jump location on time and ready to jump out of a perfectly fine plane.  We watched the instructional video and signed all the agreements, and patiently waiting and were informed that there was a weather hold. We waited for about an hour for some clouds to pass. Did I mention that we were jumping on New Year's Day to mark the beginning of a year of adventure, or YOLO 2015 as my friends and I are jokingly call it, but that a story for another blog. So probably 30 minutes later they cancel all jumps for the rest of the day.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Quick Flashback To Paris Summer 2014

Paris summer 2014 was a great time for me it was my first international trip without a parent or a family member just my best friend. It was such a liberating trip this was the trip that gave me the confidence to start traveling solo. On the 13 of November 2015 the terrorist attacks changed the way future tourist will view Paris. I just want to share my experience in pictures to encourage others to look past the fear and visit the beautiful city.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

AfroPunk Music Festival Recap

Our first stop was to Annie Anne's to get to a frozen lemonade mixers then get on train. Before we reached we decided to stop at Starbucks to use the bathroom one last time because festival bathroom are notoriously bad. We arrived around 3:00pm but by the time we got in it was the end of lion babe sets. The line were not that long it was the security check that was taking unnecessarily long. They were actually opening people's wallets and checking in between there card slots seriously. The security check at Lollapalooza and Govball were not so aggressive and this was a much larger festival. Also they didn't have a line for with bags and without bag which makes everything faster. When we finally did get in we had to stop and have an all-out photo shoot.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Lollapalooza Music Festival Recap

So I arrived the Thursday before the festivities began, and took the train from O’Hare airport to the college dorm were I was staying. I got so lucky to find this place it was literally a ten minute walk to the Grant Park entrance. So I checked in and settled in my usual way I grab water, from the 7’eleven right next to where I was staying. Then I hopped in the shower and was ready to hit the down. The first thing I did was walked to Forever21 to exchange a pair of shorts I bought for my Saturday outfit for a bigger size. Of course while exchanging the shorts I was distracted by a Powerpuff Girls muscle tee, to match my mug I got in Tokyo.

Monday, August 17, 2015

48 Hours In Tokyo

My trip to Tokyo began at 4:30am at Roman Tmetuchl International Airport in Palau, my flight was suppose to leave at 4:30am but was delayed until 5:00am. The flight time was about four hours and forty-five minutes but after powering through the night I had to sleep on the flight. I woke up minutes before the flight was supposed to arrive and there it was Japan.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Palau The Carribean Island In The Pacific

This trip began very early in the morning four in the morning was the time I left the house. After four flights I finally arrive in Palau around 9pm. When I arrive my friend Samson was waiting for me and told him the first thing we need to do was get food. We then went to the Taj restaurant, the food was amazing with great vegetarian options. We then when back to Samson’s family’s home were I would be staying for the next couple days. I was really tired so I took a shower and went to bed pretty early, knowing that this was the begining of a great vacation.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Governors Ball Music Festival Recap

So I wake up around 9:00am to get ready, in hopes of possibly catching Rae Sremmurd and Charli XCX. When I am in New York I stay with my aunt who lives in Staten Island. Which makes getting to every were long trip. So I finally leave the house around 11:45am. By 1:45pm I am on the ferry to Manhattan and am able to catch the Statue of Liberty, though the dirty class and cloudy weather.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Spring Break in Iceland

Day 1

So my plane arrived at 6:45am in the morning and I got off the plane at around 8:30am. What happened you asked the wind was so strong they would not allow anyone to exit the plane. Also while the plane was on the tarmac it was literally rocking from side to side. So imagine if the plane is rocking side to side what would happen to the jet bridge.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Being with Horses

Let me start off by saying just the idea of horse back riding on the beach sounds amazing. Then you actually arrive at Being with Horses, which is a horse riding facility located in Buccoo, Tobago, located in the Caribbean. You are first introduced to the owners, Veronika and Lennon; a husband and wife team who are very knowledgable about horses. In the orientation session, you learn about all the horses' back stories and one by one, their paddocks are opened and the horses choose their riders. I was the last to be chosen which was very funny as felt like the last kid that gets chosen for basketball.