Friday, June 12, 2015

Governors Ball Music Festival Recap

So I wake up around 9:00am to get ready, in hopes of possibly catching Rae Sremmurd and Charli XCX. When I am in New York I stay with my aunt who lives in Staten Island. Which makes getting to every were long trip. So I finally leave the house around 11:45am. By 1:45pm I am on the ferry to Manhattan and am able to catch the Statue of Liberty, though the dirty class and cloudy weather.

However at this point I have missed Rae Sremmurd, which was fine.
I arrive at Whitehall terminal and am waiting for my bus, which of course is late and not five minutes late 20 minutes late I decide I don't have time to waist so I hop on the R train. Got off at 28th street and walked the rest of the way to 35th street and FDR Drive. As I am walking there following the directions on Google maps and also looking for people who are also headed for the Govball ferry. On the walk there I see a girl walking solo with a Friday wristband like me so I start up the conversation. " Hi your going to Govball also who are you excited to see. She then says Florence and the Machines and Drake and we instantly click. On the walk to the ferry we are stop by the Bacardi Tour and asked is we wanted to take a picture with their Instagram cut out were both like why not.
Right next to the Bacardi truck is the Samsung Galaxy truck and a waffle truck to which Samsung was providing free food coupons to the waffle truck. My new friend Aileen had a Samsung phone we were both able to get free waffles and a bracelet with whatever engraving we wanted. We both got Govball 2015. Then we headed to this amazing waffle truck.
Nutella, strawberry and walnut waffles. First of all moment of silence for Nutella on a waffle. Then you toss in strawberry’s and walnuts this was so GOOOD. We then headed for the ferry and the line was surprisingly not as long, and the bag check was minimal to say the least. The ferry to Randall's Island was about a 20-minute ride.

We are ushered to exchange our paper ferry tickets for wristbands. We get to the front entrance and again surprisingly no lines once again. As were walking I can hear Rudimental playing.

The picutre above is write after you walk in, and like the banner says this day was truly a dream. We head over to catch the last bit of Rudimental's set, which was great. After there set we wondered around for a bit as the next act we wanted to see was Florence and the Machines. We then headed to the water station so I could fill up my camelbak and they were passing also passing out little Nutella packets We then try to find some of the art installations the first one we came across was the Statue of Liberty.
We then went to check out the flower crown booth and temporary tattoos booth which was ok as they only had five or so different crowns that everyone was wearing. We then waited in a long line for the photo booth. We're waiting in line and talking and I notice the people behind me speaking in a language that sounds close to Japanese. So I turn around and ask were are you all from and they were both from Japan but we're going to school in New York. I say Hi am going to Tokyo in July what should I check out and they give me couple of places to check it for vintage clothes and some other fun places. We're talking and it turns out they only came to see Rudimental we talked about there set and whom they would check out next. Of course when you make new friends in today’s world two things are a requirement an usie and exchange Instagram names.

It's finally out turn we're all talking so much we didn't realize it was our turn.
The picture is then emailed to you; the pictures are really clear and come in Polaroid form.
Then we past the Slurpee truck, which were giving out, free Slurpee's. We then began to the search for Luke's Lobster truck I had been lusting over the pictures of there Lobster rolls since Govball release the food line up as they called it.

The lobster roll cost $17, music festival prices I was prepared for this. I was not prepared for how this lobster roll tasted. It was cold as if it was just taken out the fridge and put on a warm bun. I was so disappointed but at least the bun was good. We then said let go to the restrooms then head to the GovBall stage were Florence and the Machines and Drake would be performing. The lines for the restroom was so long we look at each other and asked if the other was good and would be okay with out the restroom. We then stop by the Govball NYC sign to take a picture.

So we headed to see Florence worked our way through the crowd and reached a spot were we could not get any closer. So were begin to strike up conversations with the people around us and made some more new friends. The conversations were going great then I can't even remember how Golden Girls came up. One of the guys however said he had never seen golden girl and a couple of us could not believe it as Golden Girls is a classic. Next thing I knew our group was sing the Golden Girls theme song. We we’re then interrupted by the DJ playing music until Florence's set. The hats below were so funny; they were defiantly big Drake fans.
We got close enough to actually see Florence when she did come out. I was floored however when I faced my camera backwards to see how many people were behind us.
Florence's set was amazing, so amazing I am considering staying for the third day of Lollapalooza. Florence was so nice; a fan had a sign that said can I have a hug. She stopped the show and said if you crowd surf over here I will give you a hug. Of course she crowd surfed over and Florence brought her on stage, she hugged her and she then hugged every member in the band including the background singers. One annoying thing did happen in the middle of the set this girl decides to get on this guys shoulder rite in front of us. We all looked at each other like you can't be serious. I tapped on her holder and said we can't see, she came down and the fun was back on. Next up was Drake who everyone was waiting to see. There was so much pushing that our little group held on to each other for dear life. Then we have no idea what happened we suspected that the let those in the front who were leaving after Florence on the side. Then the next thing I knew we were all holding each other and running to the front. We made it really close to the stage but of course we had to fight to keep our spots as people were constantly trying to get in front of us. To which we responded you can pass right behind us. It was so bad that a fight almost broke out literally right in front of us. All because some guys were trying to be slick and get in front of some other guys. Luckily the fight was avoided and the guys trying to be slick left. Then the DJ came out and stated playing music the crowd was excited and started singing along to Big Sean's IDGAFU and Fetty Wap's Trap Queen. Then the lights dimmed a video began to play, nexts the word Jungle appeared on the screen.
Drake came out and the crowed went crazy. Drakes performance was nearly identical to his Coachella set except Madonna did not come out and he didn't rap the song Madonna at all. The crowd favorite of course was Know Yourself. I really enjoyed hearing Legend, Used Too, and 6 Man. You were entertained for an hour and a half by all of his hits. Right after he finished singing "Hold On, We're Going Home" Aileen and I said bye to our new friends and exited. We picked the perfect time to leave because he performed 2 more songs that we heard and saw the fire works as we were on our way to the ferry. We avoided the crazy crowds at the end and waited no more than 20mins to hop on a ferry. On the ferry ride back to 35th street we had a really nice view of the Empire State Building.
When we got off the ferry and headed to the train station, we were both hungry and stop by a pizza shop at ended the night with New York style pizza and Snapple’s. What was even more New York style was how we stop on some step on the sidewalk and ate our pizza, as many other that had just left the festival were doing.
We then headed to the train station I went in to the 33rd street station and Aileen went the 34th street. We hugged and said our good byes and agreed to text each other once we each reached home. I then got on the train and was ask by a girl if I went to Govball and how was it, because she was going on Saturday. I told her how great it was and I gave here some crowd tips. I then hopped off the train in perfect time as the bus waiting. I finally made it in the house at 1:48am.

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