Saturday, October 17, 2015

I Jumped Out Of A Working Plane: My Skydiving Recap

So skydiving, yes I did it and it was amazing. This skydiving adventure started with about 8-10 people ended up just being two people. So we arrive at the jump location on time and ready to jump out of a perfectly fine plane.  We watched the instructional video and signed all the agreements, and patiently waiting and were informed that there was a weather hold. We waited for about an hour for some clouds to pass. Did I mention that we were jumping on New Year's Day to mark the beginning of a year of adventure, or YOLO 2015 as my friends and I are jokingly call it, but that a story for another blog. So probably 30 minutes later they cancel all jumps for the rest of the day.

This sucked but hey safety-first right, so we rescheduled. We showed up the second time ready and hopeful, they already had our paperwork and we watched the instructional video already so all we have to do is jump right, nope they lost our paperwork so we had to do it all over again, which was fine. So we finally meet our Tandem instructor, and our photographer. The instructor asked us some questions and gave us some instructions about the jump and the landing. My instructor was much shorter than me, which my friend and I were like ah we don’t know how this is going to work but ok. So we get our harnesses and I wanted the suit that my friend opted out of and when we did land she got mud on her pants so if u want to avoid having mud on your clothes get the suit.
 We take a minibus out to the small plane, which held around 20 passengers and was cramped. It was so cramped I joked about how this is worse that a Southwest flight, on the rise up. If was a really fun environment on the plane my friends instructor said oh you got stuck with this guy referring to my instructor well good luck. This was funny because I wasn't nervous so before you get on that plane you have got to be committed to the jump because if your having second thoughts jokes like this will make you want to back out. So we finally reach the right altitude and before you know it the door is open and the professional solo jumpers are just quickly jumping out one by one. Then it’s your turn your squatting at the edge of the plane with your photographer on the outside plane taking pictures like the one below.
You are actually spinning around in circles in the sky, which was amazing. Then comes the landing, which my instructor and I talked about earlier and all I really had to do was lift my legs forward as we slide across the grass. Then my instructor unhook me and your aske me to  stand still as other jumpers are still coming in, a couple minutes later my friend lands right next to me and we instantly start share our experiences we both really enjoyed it so much we were thinking amount a career in skydiving, as the photographer cause I don't think ether of us could actually support a human being on our chest unless it was a child. We headed back to the office were our individual photographer gathered our pictures and gave it this on a flash drive that we got to keep. Along with your certificate and coupons for indoor which was also available at this location and a discount on your next jump. We also got a free shirt and a free meal at the restaurant. The restaurant had a southern feeling to it, I can't really remember how the food was as after the adrenaline wore off my stomach was a little upset and I just felt instantly tired. All in all I had I really great time once I finally got to jump out of a perfectly fine plane. If you ever wanted to skydive I would highly recommend it, so much fun your adrenaline is pumping, the amazing view you get is like none other along with the feeling.

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