Monday, August 17, 2015

48 Hours In Tokyo

My trip to Tokyo began at 4:30am at Roman Tmetuchl International Airport in Palau, my flight was suppose to leave at 4:30am but was delayed until 5:00am. The flight time was about four hours and forty-five minutes but after powering through the night I had to sleep on the flight. I woke up minutes before the flight was supposed to arrive and there it was Japan.

Day 1

I arrive at Tokyo Narita Airport around 9:30, went through immigration smoothly and hopped on the Keisei Skyliner. The express train to downtown Tokyo was about a forty-minute train ride. Then I hopped on the JR Line, from Nippori to Shinjuku station and used google maps to walk my hotel. The walk was quite long, with a heavy backpack and suitcase and the ridiculous Tokyo humidity. While walking I spotted the camera I spotted the Fuji Instax film camera, I was supposed to buy for my friend. I continued walking and after spinning around a few times to make sure I was heading in the right direction, I finally made it to the Hotel Sunlite in Shinjuku. Check in is normally at 3pm but I arrived around 12:30 and was told I would have to wait for my room to be ready. Before I arrived at the hotel, I stopped at a 7eleven and bought a two-liter bottle of water two last me the forth-eight hours. They offered to keep my bags in case I wanted to leave, but I was sweaty and wanted to shower before I headed anywhere. In what seem like ten to fifteen my room was ready.
After showering and deep conditioning my hair, I headed out to Curry House CoCo in Shinjuku. This curry was amazing and I consider myself a curry connoisseur. The serving size was great I walked in hungry but not hungry enough to finish the whole plate because I stuffed. If you’re in Shinjuku this place is a must visit. However skip the vegetable juice it was not very tasty, also the staff was very professional and helpful.
Next I hoped on the JR train line from Shinjuku station to Harajuku station which cost $140 yen which is roughly around $1.10 USD. As you walk out the Harajuku station Takeshita Street is right across the street. Walking down Takeshita Street is a fashion lover’s paradise, with stores for every fashion style. Of course I was, my interest was piqued by quite a few items. I have been in search of a cute black backpack that was small but could hold quite a few items. I found the perfect backpack and passed on it. I was also in search of something unique to wear to Lollapalooza music festival. I stopped by this stopped by this store called The World Connection, which is where you remise on every cartoon character from your childhood. Instantly my love for the Power Puff Girls began all over again. I had to buy a coffee mug; the price was only $600 yen, which converts to about $5 dollars. After wondering around for what seemed like forever I stop and a dessert stand called Lotteria and had a desert drizzled in green tea sauce. This desert was flaky and had a nice milky consistence that reminded me of Diary Diary milk from Trinidad. I began walking back to the Harajuku station and hopped on the train back to the hotel.
After laying in bed for a while, talking to my mom and soaking and icing my ankle from my waterfall fall in Palau. I hoped in the shower then tried to find something eat on Yelp. I found a place to get tempura and udon which I got to go.

I finally made it back to my hotel and dived right in to my Tempura and Udon. I showered changed and watched a little YouTube, as Netflix is unavailable in Japan.

Day 2

I woke up pretty early, as this was my first full day in Tokyo. One thing was on my mind however the backpack I passed on Takeshita street. I decided I had to have it, as it was cheaper that the ones I was interested in at Urban Outfitters, and Forever 21. I decide since I was heading to the Meiji Shrine, which was really close to the Harajuku shopping district that I would get the backpack. First however I had to shop around for my coworker’s camera. After checking around a few electronics, stores I finally got her camera from Yodobashi as they had the cheapest price at $7320 yen, which converts to about $59 dollars. After buying the camera and the film I made my way to Takeshita Street, but one problem I could not find the store I must have walked up and down street at least five times, while having Random African guys say things like black is beautiful as if I didn’t know that. I finally found the bag and it was on sale I could not believe it, it was meant to be. I also picked up a couple souvenirs while walking back and forth.

I then headed to Meiji Shrine, my ankle was hurting still from the fall so I decide to take the train. After about a seven-minute walk after I hopped off the train, I made it to the shrine. As you approach the shrine, there is this great wooden arch at the entrance. It is a beautiful entrance to the wide path, surrounded by trees. The Shrine has two paths, the free path and the other path which is $500 yen or $ 4 USD. The second path had a pond, which was emperor Meiji favorite fishing spot. The path the trees and the landscaping are beautiful. However it is not necessary to pay for the additional price, as there is much to see.
On my way there while waiting on the train, I saw these to girls with great street style and had to take a picture.
After wondering around for about an hour or more, I decided to head to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. I arrived and the line was relatively short, however while I was waiting the line began to get longer. Security searched my backpack, and I was on the elevator up to the viewing floor. Luckily when I arrived on the floor the sun was beginning to set which was made the view of the Tokyo even better. After looking at this view from every possible angle I stopped in one of the photo booths as advice by my coworker who is half Japanese.
The lady aboved asked to take a picture with me, I have no idea why but i decided to take a picture with her on my camera also. I then headed back to my hotel to drop off the stuff I bought throughtout the day then to get my tickets for the Robot show at the Robot Restaurant. When I finally arrive at the Robot Restaurant is was 7:00pm and there was 7:20pm show. I however wanted to by tickets for the 9:00pm show, which they would not sell me so early. So I headed back to my hotel shower and change. On the way back I picked up some Takoyaki. Takoyaki is a ball-shaped Japanese snack made of a wheat flour based batter and cooked in a special takoyaki pan. It is typically filled with minced or diced octopus, tempura scraps, pickled ginger, and green onion. These were so good but I was also hungry, so that could have factored into how delicious it was. However I would be down for trying them again when am not ridiculously hungry.
Then I showered change and headed back to The Robot Restaurant to buy my ticket for the 9:00pm show. The tickets cost about $56.00 USD this wacky show was worth every penny. I was pretty early so I was ushered to the waiting area were there were singers and men in robot suits playing the guitar. Then you’re taken down a really trippy staircase, you then look for your seat number, which is on your ticket. Then the snack and drink carts come out, and of course the prices are like movie theater prices. Throughout the show there is about three fifteen minute breaks, were snacks are sold and you had the opportunity to run to the bathroom as you are not allowed to get out of your seat during the show. This was one of the wackiest show I have ever come across. I honestly can’t explain what takes place. There are Japanese girls singing the Dreamgirls theme song, in glittery silver dresses. Robots, cows, snakes and other thing that I had no idea what they were but this show was absolutely worth every penny. Its and experience you can only get in Tokyo, I was so happy that I stumbled across this show on Oneika the Travellers blog.

After the sho I began the search for somethiing to eat then I came across this restaurant not to far from the Robot Restaurant. This resaurant was unlike any I have ever seen, to even get in you have to choose what you want from the vending machine. Then use the ticket to get in the door I could not believe it, well of course I taught I choose the seafood tempura. But I didn't so when what ever this was showed up I was surprised and just decided to eat around what I believe to be chicken. Yet again I was hungry so I can't be a fair judge.
On my way back to the hotel I decided to stop by one of the million 7Elevens and grab something for breakfast, I also hat to try the green tea ice cream. The green tea ice cream is absolutly delicious, and the my favorite flavors of ice cream.
My last trip in Japan was to the airport I woke up super early because if its one thing I dont do it's miss flights. Also with international customs you never no how long the lines are going to be, as well as the line to check in. So I decide that since Uber was avaliable in Tokyo I would take and Uber car to the train station and use my return ticket on the Keisei Skyliner.
On the long walk to the train station, because there were no Uber cars avaliable I had to stop and take this picture, as Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago would be my next trip.

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