Saturday, August 8, 2015

Palau The Carribean Island In The Pacific

This trip began very early in the morning four in the morning was the time I left the house. After four flights I finally arrive in Palau around 9pm. When I arrive my friend Samson was waiting for me and told him the first thing we need to do was get food. We then went to the Taj restaurant, the food was amazing with great vegetarian options. We then when back to Samson’s family’s home were I would be staying for the next couple days. I was really tired so I took a shower and went to bed pretty early, knowing that this was the begining of a great vacation.

Day 1

The next day I told Samson I wanted to do absolutely nothing and enjoy a really chill island day. So the only thing we did was go get my permit for Jelly Fish Lake and The Rock Island permit which cost $100 dollars. Later on that day we went to Ngiwal to visit Samson’s grandfather and aunts. We also got a chance to walk around his family property, and he showed me some of the graves of his ancestors. I also saw a pineapple of tree for the first time. This is where my love of coconut was heightened, who knew that when the coconut water dries up it creates this white foam that taste amazing. We also literaly crossed the street from his grandfathers house and were on the beach.

Day 2

Around ten in the morning we hoped on Samson uncle’s boat along with his cousins and head out for Jellyfish Lake. Which is about a forty minute boat ride from the main island. The ride probably could be a little less seeing as we got lost for a little bit as it had been a while since Samson’s uncle had visited Jelly Fish Lake. We finally make it, I turned in  my permit at the check in booth and began the hike up to Jelly Fish Lake. The hike involves some pretty steep steps along with sharp rocks the hike is about a ten to fifteen  minute hike. Everyone immediately dived in while I put on my flippers and goggles we then began the swim to the middle of the lake as it was getting close to twelve o’clock. The Jelly Fish follow the sun which helps them convert algae into carbohydrate which gives the Jelly Fish energy. As you swim out you see few of them, but you can’t stop swimming until you are completely swarmed by them.

It is one of the most amazing sights in the world, being able to swim with millions of jelly fish and not get sting. You can touch them, pick them up and it completely safe. We spend about two hours inside the water thanks to floats. When it was time for us to swim back we were so tired the swim back seemed like forever. We then headed to one of the rock island beaches which was one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever visited. We ate then headed into the crystal clear water.
It's so much harder to take a group selfie in the ocean, with a selfiestick than you actually think, the hardest part is everyone trying to stay in the same place. After a couple hours we decided to go deep sea fishing, which instantly became a competition who could catch the biggest fish along with who could catch the most fish. My first time fishing and my first catch was price less a coral. Catching a coral my first time was so funny and a little disappointing but way more funny.

We then headed to drop Samson’s cousins off at the dock close to their house. Then we headed to the dock closer to Samson’s mom house. On the way there the engine ran out of gas lucky we had just enough in a gas can. So we decided to fish for a while, and I got lucky, I finally caught a fish.

After docking we walked to Samson’s mom’s house, I stopped an decided to be a tourist for a while and take a picture with a hibiscus in my hair.

I was so tired at the end of this day that I was in bed by nine o’clock.

Day 3

Day three was a nice relaxing island, so relaxing I can’t really remember the entire day. I remember later on in the day I played badminton with Samson’s god sister and brother. We also watched a slide show of some the family gatherings as well as the Jelly Fish Lake pictures.

Day 4

Was also a relaxing day as our only plans for the day was to go to Dolphin Pacific we arrived about an hour and a half early. So we decided to get something to eat, we went to a local restaurant which on of Samson’s favorite places as a kid. We place our orders and were just relaxing talking, his order came out first. I told him to go ahead but he decided to wait after about five minutes I told him your foods getting cold eat. About fifteen minutes goes by Samson has finished his food and a still have not received my food. So we flagged down a waitress who says she will check on my order for me, when she comes back of course my order was never put in. We just decided to leave as it was getting close the time we had to be back at Dolphin Pacific. Luckily there was a gas station next to the Dolphin Pacific office were I was able to get a Tuna on wheat sandwich. We headed into the Dolphin Pacific office were I had to pay $27 dollars for the tour which was not bad and $10 dollars for a picture with of me doing a Dolphin had taken. If you’re ever in Palau however, I would recommend swimming with the Dolphins as it is the cheapest price you will ever come across with a life jacket is $100 and without a life jacket is $110.
After Dolphin Park we head out to visit his cousins we lounged around for a while we then decided to go to Ngiwal. We also decided to pick up his god sister, on the way there we stop and got burgers and it was the best veggie burger ever. There was avocado on it which was a delightful surprise and we also got shakes. In Ngiwal of course we went to the beach, Samson’s god sister and I played badminton on the beach. Right before we left I captured the amazing shot below as the sun was setting.

Day 5

We were off to the water fall, made food and had water and sandwiches in a cooler. This was my last day in Palau so we headed to the waterfall early.  After we all met up and parked the hike down to the waterfall began.  The hide down is very steep and you have to be carefully, while taking down coolers and food. We made it down and with hesitation I dived into the cold cold river before waterfall.  We all hung out in the river and a couple of us decided to use the rope to swing into the river.  Of course when I decide to do it, it went horribly wrong the rope stopped shorts and I had no choice but to jump in, well when I finally decide to jump my finger got caught in the rope. After hanging out in the river for about an hour Samson’s uncle finally said hey we came to go to the waterfall and not the river so we finally venture down. I however took the wrong path with Samson cousin and this path was so dangerous, at one point I am climbing across dead trees and trying not to fall while slipping. Everyone else however took the much safer path. We finally make it to the waterfall and its gorgeous, after thanking god I made it there safely.  Samson, his cousins and I headed for the pool behind the waterfall; it was so hard to climb up that Samson literally pulled me up.  The pool was a really great spot to hangout and we all enjoyed it, when it was time to get out however is the danger began. I had no idea were Samson was and the way out I fell twice, hurt my angle a bit but nothing serious. So I decided nothing more adventurous for the day so I decided just to set and hangout with Samson’s mom and for the rest of the trip. After just sitting and letting the water hit your back which felt like a message, and washing my hair under the water fall we decided to head to Ngiwal.

We all ate and played volleyball in the rain, then I headed to the beach play badminton with Samson’s god brother on the beach.

Then we all showered changed and went home, later on that night we all got together again at Samson’s house. We all just hung out listen to Bob Marley till about one o’clock in the morning when I had to shower and change for my four o’clock flight to Tokyo.
I would really like to thank Samson and his family for all their hospitality; I don’t think I have ever eaten this much on a vacation. I really appreciate everything Thank You all for making this one of the best vacations I have ever had.


  1. Sounds like u had an amazing trip...

    1. It was Jelly Fish lake alone is worth the trip, not to mention the people.