Thursday, August 27, 2015

AfroPunk Music Festival Recap

Our first stop was to Annie Anne's to get to a frozen lemonade mixers then get on train. Before we reached we decided to stop at Starbucks to use the bathroom one last time because festival bathroom are notoriously bad. We arrived around 3:00pm but by the time we got in it was the end of lion babe sets. The line were not that long it was the security check that was taking unnecessarily long. They were actually opening people's wallets and checking in between there card slots seriously. The security check at Lollapalooza and Govball were not so aggressive and this was a much larger festival. Also they didn't have a line for with bags and without bag which makes everything faster. When we finally did get in we had to stop and have an all-out photo shoot.

Then we checked out the end of lion babes set. Luckily there weren't that many people so we were able to work our way close for SZA set. Her set would have been great if It was my first time seeing her. I saw her just two weeks prior at Lollapalooza were her set was longer. At Afropunk her set went by so fast she really didn't get a chance to do many songs. However her energy is always great so it still was an amazing performance also Ab-soul made an appearance near the end of the set.
After SZA set we were able to inch forward for Kelis set. Her set was actually my favorite of the day, everyone was surprised to see that Kelis was pregnant. She looked amazing her hair and her glow went perfectly together. Her vocals were great she hit amazing notes that I have never heard from any of her albums. Her band was amazing and she remixed her songs like Milkshake and everyone was having a great time. It was also her birthday and her best friend brought out a cake for her on stage.
Next up was Ms. Lauryn Hill who is infamous for being late, having band problem and the list goes on. She lived up to what she is infamous for, she was late her set was supposed to start at 7:25pm she didn't get on stage till 8:04pm. She then went on to have band problems and continues to signal them throughout the show there was even a loud feedback sound during her set. Her show finally ended when the power was cut for going over her set time so that Grace Jones band could set up. Which sucked because the last three songs were crowd favorites but the mics were cut off luckily we were close so we could actually hear her, but if you were in the back you were out of luck. After her set we stop stopped to get water which cost $3 dollars and was not even cold. We then headed to get something to eat at Rocco's Tacos. I got the vegeteriana quesadilla which to me was good however at that point I was so hungry anything would have been good. Two of my friends however had problems with there order one had two send back there order twice and then just switched to chicken quesadilla. The other had on bite of a shrimp taco and that was it.
From there we headed to time square to exchange a shirt on of my friends had bought the day before. By the time we made it back to my aunt’s house it was around 2:30am and my friends had to catch the bus back to Maryland at 10:00am which means we needed to leave by 7:45am.

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