Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Saint Maarten and Anguilla Day Trip

 So everyone I came in contact with in St.Maarten was extremely friendly and helpful. The police officers here are so nice they even offered to show us we're to catch the ferry to Anguilla. The above picture is from the beach at Cupecoy which is were my mom and I stayed until our family friends came.

 After we realized we had a flat tire and we're waiting for the rental car company the police officers even drove one of us to the ferry location and brought us back so we could know the route. After arriving to late to catch the 9am ferry we decided to to go the next day so we would have a full days in Anguilla. So the lady at the the ferry office recommended we go to Pinel island which is on the French side. The round trip ferry is $12 dollars and they run about every half hour and the last ferry leaves the island at 5pm.

Pinel was beautiful and filled with Egournas. There is also a little resort where you can rent the chairs from and can order drinks and food. There is also a very cool ice cream boat that comes by. The water was cold despite the beaming sun, I dived in non the less and became extremely sick the next day.

The next day I was cold and shivering on the boat ride to Anguilla. The boat ride was  pretty ruff luckily I took Dramamine just in case. 

I spent most of the day sleeping in the rental car in Anguilla. How ever we were able to find a Roti shop, Fresh coconut water on the side of the street. As well as mangos and what Trini's call Pommecythere also know as Star apple. For those simple reason along I had a way better time in Anguilla it was throughly a Caribbean island. St. Maarten was more catered to European and American tourist. It was hard to find island food. One downfall about this trip is that the water was cold on both islands. We did have a great time,its all about the company. I went with some family friends and my mom who was all to excited to find a Roti shop in both St.Maarten and Anguilla. In St.Maarten it's called the Jerk and Roti Hut and it's on bush road. Below is a picture of the Roti shop in Anguilla.

Also a really nice place to eat for breakfast or lunch in St.Maarten is GiGi's Organic breakfast is reasonably priced, but lunch can be a bit pricey. 

Also all these pictures were taken on iPhones varying from 6,SE, and 6s. I brought my Camera but forgot my memory card which was another funny events that happens to us. We used Airbnb for this trip we stayed in Cupecoy the first two days and Little Bay the last four days. The picture below is of the view from our Airbnb in Little Bay.

Below are some random picture from throughout St.Maarten.

Below are pictures from downtown Phillipsburg.

 Most important directions to home Port of Spain 😆. 

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