Sunday, June 25, 2017

Coachella Music Festival 2017

Is there a better way to start off Coachella 2017 than a Pre-Coachella Pool party? We also attended the Young Turks in Palm Springs presented by Golden Voice event which included a set by Sampha; the only person I really wanted to see.
I attended Coachella with a great group of friends; Aileen who I meet when we both attended  Governors' Ball solo, Afiya my cousin and Dominique who I met at work. We started planning for Coachella May 2016 a year in advance, having bought advance sale tickets and did the payment plan. By the end of July 2016, we had already found the place we would be staying at through FlipKey by TripAdvisor as Airbnb and hotels were at peak prices. We stayed at Residenza San Lorenzo which had and amzing layout, it was quiet and the staff was friendly and helpful.  One down fall is the drive to and from the festival. As for how we got to the festival, we looked into flying into Palm Springs but prices were pretty high so we opted to fly into LAX the Thursday and drive to Palm Springs. We also booked our rental car in advance.


Our flights all arrived to  Los Angeles early morning, we picked up the rental car and began the drive to Palm Springs, not before I got shells for my hair. We attended the Young Turks In Palm Springs event where Sampha would be performing along with a few other acts.


We got a late start, went to Trader Joe's and ran a couple errands. We had a great breakfast from the Sunshine Cafe

Then had a full on Pre Coachella Pool relaxation session.

Coachella Day 1, Friday


Coachella Day 2, Saturday

Dominique and I headed to the Sephora store before we explored the festival grounds. There were really good vegeterian options, however, the tacos were not the best. The Pad Thai, however, 🙌 was AMAZING as well as the desserts like the Chorro's and Ice Cream was worth the $11 dollar price tag.

Below are pictures from Future's set, which Katy Perry, Wiz Khalifa, and Tyler, The Creator attended.

Future's set was one of the best of the night, Afiya and the rest of us completely lost it once he brought out Drake who we suspected he would bring to the stage. He also brought out Migos. It was everything you could want from a Coachella performance. Lady Gaga's performance was ok however I was' really impressed maybe because we were so excited for Beyonce and Gaga was swapped in at the last minute.

Coachella Day 3, Sunday

Before heading to the festival, we went to Pink Door, which we heard was really popular for bloggers to go and take pictures.

Album Cover
Album Dropping this Summer check us out 😛 credit to Aileen and the Couple who took the picture for us. The couple also caught me switching positions looking like a break dancer, in the picture below. 😂

We headed to the festival and hopped on the ferris wheel while the line was short.

These frozen Lemonades saved our lives as we were waiting to get into the HP booth to make our 3D printed Bandanna's, which because of high demand they shipped to us for free.

The waffle on a stick wasn't as good as I expected it to be,.It was cold and had a grainy consistency. 

We all checked out different sets on the day. Dominique and I checked out Kehalni's set. She was great but had technical difficulties at first but it was fixed early. We all checked out DJ Khalid. Afiya checked out Lil Uzi Vert. I checked out Majid  Jordin. We all ended the night sitting on a tiny hill tired watching Kendrick's performance on the big screen away from the crowd. Which was the perfect ending to a great weekend.

Here's a quick video recap of out adventures created by the amazing Dominique aka @iamdominiqueee

A Few Tips
  • Plan as early as possible as it will save you money in the long run.
  • Dress however you want, it's a festival. If you want to wear a body suit every day, wear one. This was my first time wearing a dress at a festival and it was so freeing and also kept me cool.
  • Be extravagant with your spending, however budget in advance. I hesitated on a blanket I wanted on Friday and by Saturday it was sold out, so get all your festival merchandise early.
  • Be kind to your fellow festival goers, they will save you in a pinch, I found someone's Iphone on Saturday night and returned it to them at the festival on Sunday and she was so grateful. We later found out there was someone at the festival who stole over 100 phones Check this article out.
  • The last tip is be aware of your environment, don't risk your safety. Be aware of your valuables, you can get a locker which is really convenient to store festival merchandise and much other items.  

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