Friday, January 23, 2015

Being with Horses

Let me start off by saying just the idea of horse back riding on the beach sounds amazing. Then you actually arrive at Being with Horses, which is a horse riding facility located in Buccoo, Tobago, located in the Caribbean. You are first introduced to the owners, Veronika and Lennon; a husband and wife team who are very knowledgable about horses. In the orientation session, you learn about all the horses' back stories and one by one, their paddocks are opened and the horses choose their riders. I was the last to be chosen which was very funny as felt like the last kid that gets chosen for basketball.

My horse was Kalakunjin, a beautiful black horse who required me to speak up when talking to him. The ride down the the beach was great because it gave you a chance to make sure the horse would listen to you before you actually got into the water. While you're walking to the beach, Veronika and Lennon keep checking on you to make sure you doing everything right so that you do not cause injury to yourself or the horses which is really great.

On your way down to the beach, you pass through the Buccoo wetlands with a lot of trees where you have the opportunity to again make sure that your horse listens to you. You also get to see one of the horses do his favorite activity which is to roll around in the sand.

You walk down the beach on the sand and have a beautiful view of the ocean. Then you enter the ocean with your horse which was amazing.

My horse enjoyed the water and took off running. I thought that I was going to fall. I held on really tight then they stopped the horses and you get a chance to take photos in the water.

Then you stop in the water and have the chance to take pictures.

The picture above is one of my two favorites. The second one is below, it captures the beauty of Tobago and the horses.

After the swim and ride, you head back to the stables where they wash the salt water off the horses and yourself. On the ride, a professional photographer takes pictures. Afterwards, you are allowed to view them and can purchase a CD or have them uploaded via Dropbox. Having the experience captured on film makes it all worthwhile.

So, if you are ever in Tobago, make sure and check out Being with Horses. Bookings and other information is available on their website.

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